How To Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts


Hey a play as, we all experience moments of
self-doubt, insecurities and negative thoughts from time to time but with the right mindset
you can move beyond those limitations. That’s why in this Article Scott from Depression
to Expression and I are going to teach you how to stop thinking negative thoughts. This
is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. For those of you who don’t know, Scott
has a mental health YouTube channel where he shares tips and walk through on how to
deal with anxiety and depression. So, here’s what Scott had to say. It’s so easy to let
negative thoughts and harmful thoughts enter into our mind. They come from our environment,
from people, from past experiences when were fleck on these things. So how do you create
a shield to really stop these negative thoughts?

When you ask yourself the question

“Is this useful?”, 99.9999% of the time the answer’s gonna be no. No, these thoughts are actually
making me worse so you’re giving yourself the power to create change in your mind by
asking yourself is this useful. And how appropriate is it to think positive when say you’re approaching
a new girl or guy. Because if you think about it, your mind could be doing the whole “Oh,
what if she rejects me?”, “What if she slaps me in the face?”, what if, what if, what if.
You go back to the question “Is that useful,asking myself all of these questions?”. Of
course not! Negative thoughts have a tendency to stifle you in acting any kind of way towards
the situation.

Get rid of Negative Thoughts

And it’s not until you stop and truly observe what’s going on that you
begin to see how of little use negative thoughts truly are. I feel like when people are super positive, they feel like they’re doing something wrong. Like something’s wrong with you if you’re not positive all the time and energetic.Positivity and thinking positive doesn’t necessarily mean the abundance of physical energy. Being positive means you’re content with your own situation, you can overcome certain challenges and you have a wide perspective on the life you’re living. Contentment is what you should strive for in your life all the time. Happiness
is just another emotion, you’re gonna be happy when you do something that makes you happy.
You’re gonna be sad when something bad happens to you. Emotions are always in motion, fluctuating.

So if you don’t feel positive all the time,don’t worry about it. You can make the effort
to be positive but some days, for me, it’s just not happening. You just don’t feel good. Be ok with not feeling energetic and happy 100% of the time, every single day, 24 hours a day. That’s impossible, you’re gonna burnout. Here’s the truth, no one is truly positive all the time, not even me. Everyone encounters what if situations where they question what’s going on. It’s normal and it’s perfectly fine to do that. We’re always aiming to be in that
mindset of pure positivity whatever that maybe and we’re always shooting ourselves down
because we can’t reach it for some reason.And that reason is evident, not every day
is going to be a good positive day.

Start Think Positively

There will be days where you feel like crap and
that is fine too. Another great way to create lasting change, to think positively is to,
to kind of change how you talk to yourself. Let’s say you have a lot of problems, you’re struggling to pay the rent, let’s say you have exams too, you’re fighting with your roommate, you can’t ask this girl out. Change the word problem to the word challenge. That already makes me feel better when I switch those two words because a challenge is something you can overcome. And Once you overcome it you feel good about yourself. Problem I see as something bad. I think of math when I think of problems and how terribly I did in math class. Challenge, to me I think of sports, I think of trying to win. Personal power.
So next time you think you’re having a problem,think of it as a challenge. Language plays
a huge part in how we perceive things. Just look at what Scott said. By simply changing
the word problem into challenge, we now look at it as something that can be overcome rather
than something that takes over our life. What do you guys think though? Do you find yourself
thinking lots of negative thoughts?


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