How to be More Attractive to Women


Women value as positive and emphasize certain characteristics in men, while they hate many others. Among the features they like about a man are:

8 Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

1. With a sense of humor. This is one of the things women value the most in a man, even more than the physical aspect and wallet in many cases. When the couple endures, what is left is to have fun together, laugh, have a good time, take it with humor. Therefore, a man who has good sense of humor, who can laugh at himself and
in turn makes people laugh and amuses others is very important.

2. Smart. Intelligence is an important value that women appreciate greatly. It’s not about being as mart ass, a person who knows all the subjects, gives his view about everything and is always right. But an intelligent man, educated, studious, that demonstrates his knowledge and intelligence to know how to handle certain situations.

3. With Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence, empathy, knowing how to take the place of the other and create an emotional bond is very valuable for women. Sympathetic men, containers, do not cease to be male and seducers.

4. Companion. Companionship is a trait highly valued by women. This ranges from daily details that may seem insignificant like getting up for breakfast together, going shopping together,performing household chores together, accompanying her in everyday activities, etc. And to support and accompany her in the most important and
significant moments.

5. Protectors. Women love men who give them safety, security, confidence.

6. Responsible. Responsible, who knows what his responsibilities and obligations are and fulfill them, seduce women well. For example, men who have children and care for them, change diapers, get up at dawn, etc.

7. Who knows how to enjoy life. Active men, who dare, who risk, passionate, funny, adventurous, who enjoy life, who like to go out, travel, learn, live the moment intensely, etc., are very attractive to women.In contrast, men with little will, bored, listless, etc., do not seduce at all.

8. Who like to talk. Men generally are rather quiet, evade talks and chats with their partners. But women give much importance to being able to talk things, exchange ideas, present arguments, etc., and value when the man is willing to do so.