Global Warming is not REAL! Weather Change is Happening Faster Than You Think


Warmest year ever, most snow ever, and a megadrought
for the United States… But you know what guys? Global warming isn’t real.

Hahahahaha people who are ready to listen and also climate

Let me tell you a story about how global warming, or climate change,

if you prefer, is happening.It’s science. It’s proven. Deal with it. But,
just because we know it’s happening doesn’t mean we know the long term effects. In light
of conservative officials from the Great State of Florida unofficially discouraging government
and educational institutions from using the words “climate change”, “global warming” or
“sea-level rise,” we thought we’d see how that was working out for everyone.Luckily for us, and Florida, the Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory analyzed data running back 2000 years using ice core information,
and weather data from the 19th and 20th centuries.They projected temperature changes in 40 year
chunks. As there was relatively little green house gas release for most of our history, the temperature
fluctuated, but essentially remained the same.But looking from 1971 to 2020, their model
shows warming an increasing speed. It’s gonna get warmer, faster; changing the Earth in
unpredictable ways we’ve never seen before.


2014 was the hottest year on record, beating
2010, which trounced 2005 which had previously won over 1998… then 2013, 2003, 2002, 2006,
2009, 2007 and 2004… And that’s the top ten hottest years since we started checking
in 1880. In fact, 2014 was the 38th year in a row with “anomalously high” global temperatures.
According to the U.S. National Climatic Data Center, part of NOAA, if you’re under 30,
you’ve NEVER LIVED through a year where the average surface temperature was below average.
People who are 60 have had a completely different EARTH than we have, in terms of the climate.
The oceans were at different temperature,the weather was less severe and the extremes
were more tempered by those changes.


Not to be outdone, 2015 has already been a
big year for climate change. A study in Science Advances from NASA and Cornell outlined a
timeline for the coming, “mega drought.” Using models built from observing climate trends,
their study says we have an 80 percent chance of experiencing a drought worse than anything
we’ve seen in North America since the 12th and 13th centuries. Humans can act to decrease
the CHANCES of the mega drought, but man-made global effects are exacerbating the drought
already gripping the American West. Not to mention the CRAZY snows. The Northeast
has had record snowfalls this year, and as the globe warms, snowfall increases.


We can all remember a bad storm, or a hotter summer,but luckily, data doesn’t rely on the terrible
human memory. The U.S. Global Change Research Program does a National Climate Assessment
every year, and they found a 71 percent increase in “very heavy” Northeastern Storms from 1958
to 2012. It’s not just storms though, a study in Geophysical Research Letters, found volcanoes
will increase as Icelandic ice melts, increasing surface heat, and further spewing greenhouse
gases into the atmosphere.


From November 2012 to December 2013, over
9000 authors published over 2200 papers and only one of them disputed man-made global
warming. One. And that author blamed the sun,which is hot, that’s true. But while the
sun’s been constantly tossing energy at us,the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere in 2013
were 142 percent higher than a hundred years before. So we need to face it; the climate HAS changed!
Scientists believe it’s possible to curtail the effects of man-made global warming, but
you already knew that. Now we have to decide what do about it.Pollution and climate changes were something
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